Libyan parliament takes up further debate of Draft Constitution

As one of the contributors in the process of drafting a new Libyan constitution, Gender Concerns International welcomes the news that on Monday, the 25th of June, the House of Representatives, Libya’s only parliament currently recognized by the international community, has held the first meeting discussing the draft constitution and a possible referendum.

According to Abdalla Belheeq, official spokesperson of the House of Representatives, the parliaments 78 members will debate the proposed constitution article by article.

While the elected Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) had already presented the latest constitution draft to the parliament in Summer 2017, a lower court ruling in Beida had prevented further debate of the draft. This decision was overruled by the Supreme Court in February, paving the way for the House of Representatives to take action in regards to discussion of and voting on the constitutional draft.

Gender Concerns International observes this development with great interest and hopes that progress on the constitution will be made timely as Libyan parliamentary and presidential elections, which are scheduled on 10th of December 2018, approach.