​Good news for the rural women of Tunisia

Good news for the rural women of Tunisia

The head of the Tunisian Government, Youssed Chahed presented yesterday a number of decisions taken related to social issues. By the signing of a new convention close to 500 000 rural women are to be ensured the coverage of health- and social security. Moreover, Chahed presented an increase in the pensions as well as an increase in the minimum wage which will also have a positive impact on the pensions.

Studies have shown that 48,9 % of rural women in Tunisia work without a contract and that only 10,5% are connected to the national social security fund meaning that these news are of great importance to these women.

Monday the 13th of August is the national day of women in Tunisia and yesterday, the 9th of August, it was decided that the 9th of August from now on will be the national day of migrant women in Tunisia. This was proclaimed by Naziha Labidi, the Minster of women during a conference on the topic of migrant women.