German Federal Elections Update

The German Federal Elections 2017: 25th September update

  • As predicted, Angela Merkel is going to serve as Germany’s chancellor for the fourth time in a row but the support for the CDU/CSU block is the worst since 1949. She will also struggle to form a majority government.The three biggest parties – Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union and the Social Democrats all recorded significant drops in support ( CDU/CSU noted an 8.5 percent fall compared to 2013 and SPD a 5.2 percent fall).
  • Smaller parties on the other hand have noted a growth of support. Particularly the controversial AfD (7.9 percent compared to 2013)
  • The SPD has already announced it is not going to participate in another Grand Coalition which means that only the CDU/CSU, the FDP and the Greens have the possibility of forming a majority government
  • We already know something about the gender profile among voters – the Union found more support among female voters, the Greens also received more female than male votes. At the same time, the AfD was much stronger among male voters.