GEOM Morocco Presents Preliminary Statement

Media Release

8 September 2015

On the Road to Democracy: Gender Electoral Reform
is a Positive Step for an Inclusive Future

Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) Morocco Presents
Preliminary Statement at Press Conference in Rabat

As part of its Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) Morocco 2015, Gender Concerns International presented its GEOM Preliminary Statement for the municipal and regional elections of 4 September at a press conference in Rabat today. The event was organised by the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) in support of the GEOM, as Gender Concerns International continues activities to maximise programme outreach and impact.

Head of Mission Ms. Sabra Bano said, “We are pleased to present our Preliminary Statement that documents a successful democratic progression and contains recommendations for further gender inclusion in upcoming electoral processes. Our sincere gratitude goes to the CNDH for their commendable election work and support of our mission, and we look forward to continued interaction in working towards inclusive electoral reform. A future with increased numbers of women as political party leaders, heads of polling stations, candidate representatives and electoral staff can benefit all citizens in an equal development process.”

An initiative was announced at the press conference in which newly-elected municipal and regional leaders in Morocco would interact with their counterparts in local Dutch Government offices in order to exchange information and co-operation. Similar programmes are being considered at the European Parliament level.

Gender Concerns International works in countries with transforming democracies in the MENA region and in Asia to support gender-inclusive electoral reform, which can be key to sustainable development of stable governance and resulting economic prosperity. An upcoming MENA region conference on gender-focused electoral reform, organised by Gender Concerns, in Tunis aims to bring together stakeholders from countries to share expertise and develop a roadmap forward for inclusive progress. Observations from the GEOM Morocco will be presented to participants with the aim of unifying efforts for future inclusive electoral reform.

Head of Mission, Sabra Bano, presented the GEOM Preliminary Statement at CNDH Headquarters)

Ms. Bano will represent Gender Concerns International at the UN Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation Meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York on 21-22 October to present GEOM knowledge gained to international election officials for action to increase women’s political participation and leadership. Benefitting from experience of the GEOM Morocco and the MENA Conference, this global meeting will be well-timed opportunity for Gender Concerns International to share its leadership expertise in programmes to support inclusive governance.

This project promoting women’s governance is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands to Morocco.

CLICK HERE for the GEOM Preliminary StatementEnglish version (PDF)

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