Gender Concerns presents recommendations in El Beida

Gender Concerns’s current work to strengthen the drafting of the new Libyan constitution that contains an appropriate gender balance is entering into the final phase. The program has included collecting and analysing the outcome of the past year’s work that has taken place by various civil society organisations and women’s organisations in Libya.

The outcome to date is a series of gender-sensitive recommendations from these groups that reflect expertise from various sources that have been working closely with women in the country. This document for a gender-sensitive constitution was presented to the Libyan Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) in El Beida, Libya last December by Gender Concerns Libya representative, Ahlem Bousserwei, and partner organisation Women and Youth Empowerment Forum.

This presentation in El Beida begins a new phase of work that focuses on the inclusion of these recommendations in the Libyan constitution and then the actual implementation of a gender-sensitive constitution that will guide the country in developing a standard of rights that will enable a free and equal society to exist.

Gender Concerns, members of the international community, and Libyan national institutions and civil society groups support the women of Libya in this difficult period of development and security. It is hoped that such a balanced constitution will ultimately enable the establishment of Libyan institutions with a more gender-sensitive foundation.


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