Gender Concerns International Joins Tunisian Women in Celebrating Women’s Victory

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Gender Concerns International and its Director Ms. Sabra Bano express their warmest congratulations to Mrs. Abderrahim and all Tunisian women for taking one more crucial step towards gender equity and women’s rights.

3rd July 2018- Souad Abderrahim, a former lawmaker and dedicated advocate for women’s rights, was elected mayor of Tunisia’s capital, setting a strong example and marking a victory of all Tunisian women.

This is the first time in Tunisian history that a woman holds this post. After receiving 38% percent in the first round of 2018 municipal elections in May, Mrs. Abderrahim won elections as mayor through a second round of voting by municipal councillors. Her awaited success at municipal elections is the victorious achievement of all Tunisian women in their democratic quest for gender equality and female leadership as well as a reminder for the whole region that no democratic development is possible, if one gender is left behind.

Gender Concerns International, as an operative organization in Tunis, celebrates with Tunisian women. Mindful of its commitment in Tunisian democratic procedures and of the challenges to come, with general elections set for 2019, the organization takes the opportunity to stress the vital role of women’s electoral participation and female leadership for strong and inclusive democratic practices all over the world.