#SheCaresCovid19 Campaign goes Dutch

Gender Concerns International, in collaboration with a number of women’s associations in the Netherlands, namely, Vrouwen Van Nu, Young Feminist Ambassadors and Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad, have expanded the social media campaign #SheCaresCovid19, translating it into Dutch to reach a wider audience. These organizations recognize the major and important role of women and women’s organizations during the Covid19 crisis, despite the lack of gender-inclusive state responses to the crisis.

The #SheCaresCovid19 campaign aims to sound an alarm to the rising gender-based economic disparities and, social and political injustices occurring in different communities across the world amid the Covid19 pandemic. The core goals of the campaign are to recognize the hardships and burdens imposed on women throughout this health crisis; to help local awareness-raising to acknowledge women`s leadership role in prevention and protection from the spread of the Covid19; and to establish and strengthen a partner network to support women and women’s organizations to facilitate care for impacted women and communities. By retrieving and sharing stories of different women and how they are impacted, the campaign is able to portray the role of women amid a global pandemic and its implications on women everywhere.

To the Dutch audience, the campaign is structured around the hashtag #Zijmaakthetverschil (#Shemakesthedifference). It aims to shed a light on the leadership of Dutch women in combating the coronavirus pandemic and to strengthen their voices. The campaign tackles questions such as, how do we increase female perspectives in decision-making? What must be done to achieve a new normal with gender equality?

Gender Concerns International warmly supports the continuation of the #SheCaresCovid19 campaign by engaging more closely the Dutch audience. It also greatly appreciates the efforts of these Dutch women’s associations to draw more attention to the role of women in society and to the importance and value of having women in managerial and decision-making positions, now and in the future.