Discussion on Women's Political Inclusion in Afghanistan

On December 13, Gender Concerns International together with its national partner organisations, Development and Support of Afghan Women and Children (DSAWCO) and Women Human Rights and Media Organization (WHMO), held an expert discussion in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The discussion highlighted the progress on women's political participation and addressed the current challenges and opportunities that women are faced with in the current political climate of Afghanistan.

Gender Concerns International has been working to promote female leadership and gender inclusive governance in Afghanistan for almost a decade. The Bayan II programme has engaged Afghan society in a call to promote women's rights, in accordance with the Dutch National Action Plan and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. The Bayan II programme was a two-year programme with a consortium of three Dutch and seven Afghan partner organisations.

The event marked a successful conclusion of the Bayan Consortium Programme activities supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.