Ukraine to Elect Parliament on Sunday

On Sunday, 21st July, people in Ukraine will take to the polls to choose a new parliament – Verkhovna Rada in the election, which mark the generational shift in Ukraine’s politics and will set the geopolitical course for the country for the next five years to come.

The election was originally scheduled to be held in October this year but was rescheduled after the newly inaugurated president Volodymyr Zelensky dissolved the Verkhovna Rada during his inauguration speech on 21 May.

Latest polls are predicting for Zelensky’s Servant of the People Party to garner about 45% of the votes with four other political forces expected to clear the 5% threshold to be able to make it to the Verkhovna Rada - For Life Party with 10.5%, the European Solidarity Party (led by the former president Petro Poroshenko) with 7.7%, the Batkivshchyna Party (led by Yulia Tymoshenko) with 6.9% and the Voice Party with 5.9%