The attack on the Libyan High National Electoral Commission (HNEC) in Tripoli

On the 2nd of May, a horrific attack took place on the High National Election Commission’s (HNEC) Headquarters in Tripoli, Libya. The attack tragically left 12 dead and several wounded.

Gender Concerns International condemns the attack on HNEC. Together with the international community, the organisation stands in solidarity with HNEC. We offer our sincerest condolences, and reaffirm our strong support for HNEC and its commitment in strengthening the democratic processes and institutions of Libya.

The upcoming elections in Libya scheduled for end of 2018 will be of utmost importance in creating a stable and representative government for the Libyan citizens, allowing the opportunity for the Libyan people to exercise their fundamental democratic right to vote.

Click to read our Solidarity Statement on the attack.