Solidarity with Afghanistan

Statement on recent attacks in Afghanistan

Gender Concerns International stands in solidarity with Afghanistan following the recent horrible attacks in the country. In these difficult times, it is of utmost importance that the international community continues to support Civil Society and the people of Afghanistan in their struggle for peace and democracy, says director Sabra Bano.

She further emphasised that the situation of chaos, fear and lack of trust among people caused by a series of deadly attacks on civilians is serious and requires immediate mediation by the international community to resolve conflict.

We admire the spirit and determination of the Civil Society and the people of Afghanistan in these testing times, as they continue to strive for peace, security, and democratic developments in the country.

Gender Concerns International calls for the international community to reaffirm its continued support to Afghanistan. The organisation has long emphasised the need for international support in Afghanistan (see for example here, and here). Within the current context, the vigilance of the international community is needed more than ever. Sustainable support and cooperation with Civil Society and Women’s Organisations is imperative to ensure continued progress in the peace- and state-building processes, and the democratic development of the country.