Mayor Souad Abderrahim the First Female Mayor of Tunis visits The Hague

The Hague, 11th September 2018- Mayor Abdulrrahim and director Bano at a Meet and Greet Event co-hosted by the Embassy of Tunis to the Netherlands and VNG.

Mayor Souad Abderrahim is the first women to ever hold such a position in Tunis. Due to a special relationship that Gender Concerns International has with Tunisia, it was an honour to be invited at this distinct event. The meeting provided an occasion to interact and exchange on the issues related to challenges and opportunities at the local governance level. Mayor Abdulrrahim`s success to this position and her ambition for the election 2019 are inspirational. We look forward to supporting her leadership and especially the engagement with women and civil society organisations in Tunisia. Ms. Neila Akrimi of CILG introduced her Chief-Guest eloquently and His Excellency Ambassador Elyes Ghariani concluded the meeting by thanking the invited guests