International Community Divided on Libya: ´Keep your hands-off Libya´ says  Salamé the UN Special Envoy to Libya

Today, Three Turkish soldiers were killed during fights by the Libyan National Army (LNA). The LNA is pushing to take the city of Misrata a key stronghold of the U.N. recognised Libyan government, which is also backed by Turkey. Turkey entered the conflict last month when their President announced that they were sending military personnel to Libya to help train and advise the Government.

Ghassan Salamé, The United Nations special Envoy to Libya has expressed his disappointment over the foreign interference in Libya. In a closed door meeting he spoke about how the country is suffering through the heightened interference by mercenaries that are send by some countries causing serious suffering for people in Libya.

The Envoy demonstrated his concerns over The Security Council´s failure to reach an agreement on ceasefire and the consensus to release a clear joint international message.

Salamé in his press statement commented on how he was angry to see that everybody wants to talk about Libya and only very few people wish to talk about the Libyans and what happens to them.

Gender Concerns shares this view and calls for enabling access to civil society. Enough is enough Libyan counterparts should be able to receive support from international civil society organisations.

Women in Libya are the worst victims of the rising tension and fragile peace and security situation.