Happy IWD 2022 "Asal Insaaf" Remaining Justice

Join the AURAT March 2022 on this year’s International Women’s Day in Pakistan. In their march manifesto, AURAT calls upon the state and Pakistani society to implement a feminist justice, economic and environmental agenda and is sealed with the slogan ‘Reimagining Justice’, also called ‘Asal Insaaf’.

“This exercise in reimagining is necessary because in our five years of organizing we have come to the conclusion that women, trans, khawja sira and non-binary individuals have no confidence in the legal system’s ability to provide emancipation. [..] The young generation of feminists is looking for alternative feminist futures.” (Aurat March Lahore Manifesto 2022, p. 2)

Gender Concerns International supports women`s movement in Pakistan and will join the event to report its insights on the execution of the 5th AURAT March 2022 on International Women’s Day in Pakistan.

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