Election day! Dutch Municipal Election 2018

Today,the 2018 municipal council elections will be organized in 335 of the 380 municipalities in the Netherlands[1]. The voting already started at midnight, with a few polling stations being open overnight, including a polling station in a student bar in Zwolle where Mayor Meijer took the opportunity to cast his vote around around midnight[2]. This is illustrative of the Dutch practice of setting up polling stations in unconventional locations.

Following the 2014 municipal elections, only 28.3% of elected representatives in municipal councils were women[3]. Gender Concerns International hopes that the Dutch people will elect more women to the municipal councils this time. We look forward to the results being announced tonight.


[1] https://vng.nl/files/vng/publicaties/2018/information_sheet_-_local_elections_in_the_netherlands_final_version_-_8-3-2018.pdf

[2] https://nos.nl/artikel/2223568-eerste-stemmen-uitgebracht-bij-nachtelijke-stembureaus.html

[3] Final Report: Gender Election Observation Mission, the Netherlands 2017, page 16. Available at: http://www.genderconcerns.org/pdfs/Final%20Report%20GEOM%20Netherlands%202017%20-%20digital%20version.pdf