Director’s Statement on the Commemoration of UN Anniversary

Director’s Statement

Commemoration of 75 Years of UN aspires for enhanced cooperation between UN Agencies and the International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs)

Under the feminist leadership of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the promotion of gender equality and inclusion seem to have taken the central place in the UN efforts of supporting global peace, security, electability, defense, development and diplomacy.

The celebration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations is an appreciation of the international cooperation, prolonged promotion and protection of fundamental human rights.The UN Charter recognizes the need for equality between men and women and the UN continues to advocate and support women and girls globally.

As the world endures to battle COVID-19, it is vital to respond to the pandemic’s asymmetrical impact on women and girls, as they are disproportionately affected by the health crisis, by being overrepresented in the healthcare sector, carrying the heavier burden of the increased demand for 24-hour home care, and experiencing significant rises in domestic and wider gender-based violence. The role of international and local non-governmental organisations remains fundamental in facilitating the recovery response and requires a long term cooperation among the key stakeholders as the UN agencies, national governments and the international and local, women and civil society organizations.

Women’s organisations that are at the forefront of this crisis need to work closely with UN agencies facilitating support to a wider range of women, girls and their communities.

Moving forward in accordance with the commitment of the United Nations in realizing equality between men and women alike through the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goal 5, Gender Concerns International emphasizes the acknowledgement of women’s roles in fighting the pandemic and promotes for advanced collaborative response to deliver with efficiency, inclusion, and engagement for all. As the international cooperation remains a core mission at the United Nations, this anniversary offers an opportunity to commit for an enhanced collaboration between international institutions and the international and the local women’s organisations for common deliverable goals.

Wishing the United Nations success, credibility and inclusion in hosting global diplomacy and advocacy.

Sabra Bano,
Director and International Gender Champion (IGC)