Director's Message: Solidarity and Support for Ukraine

This is a message of solidarity and support to our partners, friends and especially those who have welcomed us and extended their cooperation during my Pre-election Gender Needs Assessment Mission to Ukraine in 2019.

Our hearts and thoughts go to you and your friends and families at this hour of compassion.

Herewith, we express our concern over the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine that seems to be affecting the whole region.

Considering that any defense situation which leads to a military escalation is bound to impact development and democracy, today we applaud your courage and strength, and would like to reiterate our attention and support to the Civil Society Organisations and other stakeholders in Ukraine.

We urge the European Institutions and the International Community to stay firm in supporting democracy and development in Ukraine, also in these hours when the alarming defense and security situation is prioritized.

In solidarity,

Sabra Bano