8th September 2021 Elections in Morocco: GEOM Morocco 2021 assesses the scope of women`s electoral participation

Gender Concerns International is honoured to have received an official invitation and accreditation from the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) of the Kingdom of Morocco, to observe the upcoming elections in Morocco from a distinct gender perspective (GEOM).

September 2021 will mark the third elections since the adoption of the new constitution in 2011 in Morocco. Having suffered from a health and socioeconomic crisis simultaneously in recent years, Morocco’s future lies in the hands of the voters in this year’s upcoming elections.

For the first time in the country’s history, municipal, regional, and legislative elections will all take place on the same day, an approach which has been introduced with the hope of maximizing voter turnout. At the same time, with the introduction of new bills and declining interest of the youth in politics, the uncertainty around the potential winner of the election and the fate of Moroccan women increases.

Earlier this year, the country had drafted new bills with the aim of improving the electoral system and conducting more stable elections. Hereby, increasing inclusivity and women’s participation and representation has now become one of the focal points. By replacing national women’s lists with regional lists, Morocco aims to further its goal of allocating more seats to women in the elections and certain chambers.

These reforms provide great hope for greater equality reforms and a better future for Moroccan women after years of discrimination and insufficient efforts of the authorities. In a time where the Moroccan youth and women increasingly lose faith in and shift away from politics, the adopted changes are more crucial than ever.

Being a close observer of the developments in Morocco, Gender Concerns International emphasizes the importance of the inclusion of women in the policy-making processes and wishes to contribute to an effective integration and representation of women in electoral processes in Morocco.