Tunisian activities Overview


The political situation of Tunisia has continuously changed since the Jasmine Revolution and the country is technically slowly evolving toward a modern democracy. The upcoming October and November elections will be a crucial period for Tunisian that will be able to choose their new representatives and the new President. Especially, the upcoming elections will be a great opportunity for women in Tunisia to participate in the political and governance structures contributing to future economic and social reforms.

Gender Concerns International is very keen to closely follow and monitor the elections. The Organization has indeed a lot of experience in this field with several Gender Election monitoring missions implemented in the past especially in 2011 in Tunisia. Therefore, the Director Ms Bano just concluded her Gender Need Assessment Mission during a professional visit to Tunisia at the beginning of September 2014. The Organization set up a new office in Tunis and appointed a new Management and PR employee. The Director met with several partners to create strategies and to reinforce its presence in the region. Gender Concerns International is willing to built the capacity of women’s rights organizations and has been very active in the region to ensure that women will  not be sent back home nor be excluded from participation in governance for the upcoming legislative and presidential elections of the 26th October, 23rd November and 28th December 2014.