Gender Concerns Marboua Political Café is a success

We are very happy to announce that our Marboua Political Café, in Tripoli, Libya, is picking up popularity. On February 6th Gender Concerns International hosted an event in the Marboua political café. During this event 30 participants actively shared their opinion on women in the democratic process.

For the upcoming weeks we have several events scheduled to be held in Marboua. There will be a dialogue between lawyers and Tawargah women, discussing land rights for women, post-conflict zones and the UNSCR 1325. Together with other implementing partners the Swiss Embassy will host a session on Peace and Security, and every three weeks there will be a Gender Task Force meeting.

By establishing Marboua, Gender Concerns International established a political café that is accessible to Libyan women from different organizations, backgrounds and locations and social levels.


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