New radio show in Tunisia focuses on women

(photo Tunisia Live)

Eight radio stations throughout Tunisia are coming together to broadcast a new program called “Kaltelhom Osktou,” focusing on issues related to women and civil society.

The new show was launched today on the Radio 6 station and will be aired three times per week. It is produced and hosted by women, and is broadcast in Tunisian dialect, not formal Arabic. In Tunisian dialect, ‘kaltelhom osktou’ is an expression used when someone is left speechless by an event or a statement.

The radio project was launched with the support of the German Goethe Institute and the Tunisian Syndicate for Free Radio, an advocacy group.

“Anywhere in the world, women always want and have to fight to maintain and develop their rights. In cooperation with the Tunisian Syndicate for Free Radio, the Goethe Institut supports this commitment by initiating a show focusing on civil society in Tunisia,” the Goethe Institut said in a statement last week.

Participating radio stations include those from the country’s less-developed interior regions such as Radio Djerid in Tozeur, Radio Jektiss in Medenine, and Radio K in Kasserine.

The show particularly targets young Tunisian women in rural regions by giving them “better access to the culture of citizenship, social media, and to the initiatives of civil society,” according to the statement.

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