Gender Concerns International in Pakistan

Gender Concerns has been deeply involved in the gender dimension of conflict regions in Pakistan, notably in Kashmir. With its extensive experience in female leadership and advocacy of women’s rights, Gender Concerns International has been a staunch supporter of women in the democratic processes of Pakistan.

For more than a decade, Gender Concerns International has initiated, co-organized and participated in various programmes. Programmes such as Gender Election Observation Missions (GEOM), capacity building, lobbying and advocacy training for politicians and observers, educational visits for various women in political and social leadership positions, as well as networking opportunities for women engaged in the political processes of Pakistan.

Gender Concerns International has currently an office in Islamabad which serves as the base of future operations in the region. The staff of the Pakistan office has shown great commitment and professionalism, working hard to promote women’s rights in Pakistan and the region for the past years and is determined to see the positive effects of increased female political participation in the future.

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