Gender Concerns International in Libya

Since the initiation of its first programme in Libya in 2011, Gender Concerns International has been deeply involved in the country’s ongoing political and democratic gender issues, having conducted important ground work for future operations in its struggle to obtain gender equality in Libya and supporting the nascent inclusive democratic process after the fall of the Gaddafi regime. Gender Concerns International has been a close observer of the events taking place in Libya over the years and has noted that the situation of women has deteriorated dramatically as a result of the ongoing civil war and the resurgence of extreme conservative forces, emphasizing that further work needs to be done in order to build on the efforts, which have already begun, to improve the skills of women in general, but specifically the skills of female parliamentarians. Libyan female voices need to be strengthened within both societal, political and governmental structures in order to improve their ability of acting with decisiveness and true effect. Gender Concerns International would strongly support any women’s initiatives and programmes for empowering women to obtain more influence and to participate meaningfully within the political and governmental democratic processes of Libya.

Gender Concerns International has worked closely together with its partner organisations, such as the Libyan Women’s Union, the Libyan Forum for Civil Society, the Committee to Support Women’s Participation in Decision Making and the Libyan Forum for Civil Society to help realize the aspirations of political, economic and social equality of Libyan women.

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